We're specialist contract packers

Welcome to Bottled and Canned; we mix, blend, bottle, can, jar, label, lab test, factory trial and more using our top of the range machinery and expertise to deliver you and your brand the perfect product.

We are specialists contract packers who can handle complex ingredients, methods and resouce in our ultra modern, clean and bespoke small to medium batch factory. 

We're all about quality over quanitity and deliver a first grade experience to all our customers.

We work with small start-ups to established global brands who use us for their factory trials and NPD projects.

Contract packing and factory trials

Send your ready prepared bases, compounds and mixes in and we'll bottle and can them for you as part of our contract packing or factory trial service

From recipe to shop floor

We can source ingredients, slice, dice, cook and blend your recipe from scatch. We'll bottle, can or jar it, label it, box it up, test it and ship it...